by Falsehoods

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recorded and produced in winter 2015 by meyrick de la fuente
at floodgate audio


released December 15, 2015

falsehoods is richard norkett, luke jeffery, adam meehan,
mark watson, jonah maguire



all rights reserved


Falsehoods Watford, UK

simmering in the sewer...

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Track Name: Epiphanies In C Major
be the first one to change, coughing up blood is a sign you've drunk the poison, her cold chest pumps slow to the beat of the dead, empty, digging a hole, and like a cocoon i will blossom.
i never thought i could push you away, you favour the fortunate ones and begin with the end in mind, we fade to black, forgotten in this abyssal life.
my lovers have a hex on their heads, if i grew wings i'd fly away, and if i fell down then you would burn, all i ever wanted was to pry your rib cage and crawl inside, curl up and die.
Track Name: To Our End
she was confused, shipwrecked on the shore, full of regret, looking down a barrel of emptiness, and she woke to the sun, she woke the abyss.
a thousand miles away where the war rages on inside his rib cage, an angel took him that day and the sun didn't show as his memories decayed.
''if we sail away, will it always be the same? will we have our happy ending or fade away?''
all the romance has been hidden away, decayed, dead and buried in a soldier's heart, and the charred snow fills her lungs with all this hate, it could blot out the sun.
delicate like a flower, she turns and hums the tune of their youth, for her child was her sun now, and all her love was in use, rockabye baby on the wings of eagles flying so high, no melting candles, a purpose, a life, a compass, a knife carving kisses in an old oak tree, she kept her beloved in a heart locket, the only feeling left for her to feel, so as he ascends to the soil below, the guns blaze in glory to cherish in woe, his hand touches her lips and kisses them sweet, for the last romantic we let out this weep.
thoughts of champagne and roses, waves will carry him home, back to where he belongs, in her arms, the wheel spins it's course, to our shipwrecked end, this soldier has no more letters to send, my love, my life.